The Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Guild (PSOG) came into being when the Greater Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Women's Auxilliary, originally formed in 1956 by a small group of visionary and innovative women who loved classical music, re-organized  in 1973 to become the current PSOG. Today we are a non-profit organization of volunteers who assist and support the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra while promoting musical education and cultural enrichment throughout the area.

Garden Party Postposed!

Trisha Woodburn, 2020-2021 President


   Welcome to the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Guild website.  We invite you to explore and discover our passion for music along with the various activities we engage in to help promote symphonic music in our area.  If you too love great music and would like to meet with others who share your interests, we encourage you to consider joining us in our support of the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra. 

At the October PSOG Board meeting, it was decided to temporarily suspend publication of the PSOG newsletter. Please check out the new Monthly Highlights feature here for our latest news and events.


Information on the November Guild Luncheon is posted here.


The September Garden Party has been postponed.


September Luncheon Photos are posted here.


The September Newsletter is posted.


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Luncheon dates/venues for 2020 listed here.

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