Belles and Beaux Membership

Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Guild (PSOG)

Belles and Beaux Information


Dear Guild Member,


We are now recruiting Belles and Beaux for the 2016-2017 season.  Belles and Beaux are high school students who assist the PSOG by serving in various ways at concerts and activities.  If you would like to sponsor or renew a member of the group, please print this page, complete the form and return the enclosed application no later than September 4, 2016, to:


Mrs. Brooke Hicks

6597 Tidal Bay Drive

Milton, FL 32583


Please make additional copies of the form as needed.  The Belles and Beaux are required to be present at a minimum of three (3) concerts of their choice (Masterworks or Pops) and the concert schedule may be reviewed at  Additional Special Events may be available.  Please contact me at or 850-516-7437 if you have any questions.




**Please return a copy of this application by September 4, 2016. **



Full Name of Belle/Beaux to be listed in PSO program: ________________________________________________________________



Address:________________________________                     Email_________________________________


City__________________ ST____ ZIP________                    Contact # ____________________________



School____________________________________  Grade__________  Birthdate____________________


Sponsor’s association to Belles/Beaux:    

PSO Guild___               PSO Board___             PSO Sponsor/Contributor___



Sponsors’ Name as it is to be listed in the program:  ________________________________________________________________



List Relationship (Only if you want this info published in the program) _________________________


For Applicants:  I meet the eligibility requirements and have read the guidelines.  If selected, I will uphold all requirements.


Student’s Signature:___________________________________________________________



Sponsor’s Signature:___________________________________________________________