Music in Education Committee

Committee Chair: Nan DeStrafney

The Fifth Grade Concert series is scheduled for November each year. Volunteers are needed for this event to help usher the 5th graders to their seats. Contact .

Family Day is scheduled for May each year at the Saenger. We need many volunteers to help pass out stickers, and help with the crowds this day. Volunteers are also needed before the event to help string lanyards and prepare for the event.

The Music in Education Committee assists the Pensacola Symphony in two of their major community functions involving youth. In the fall every 5th grader in the country gets a chance to come and hear a concert by the Symphony Orchestra. For most it’s probably the first symphonic orchestra they have heard. The other event is held in May and is called Music for Families Day. Orchestra musicians provide an “Instrument Petting Zoo”. Children get to try out different instruments and learn more about them. They are also given goody bags which the Guild provides.  Guild volunteers help to guide the children. Volunteers all say that the best reward is the happy faces of the children.

A YouTube video of the Virtual Music in Education performance can be see here.

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