President's Message

President’s May Message

What a way to end our 2019-2020 PSOG year! As I write this, we find ourselves “safer at home,” where most of us have been for several weeks. Because of the current restrictions on meetings of more than 10 people, and in the interest of best practices, your board of directors has made the difficult decision to cancel our final meeting, originally scheduled for May 6. We are holding out hope that, if restrictions are lifted in the next couple of weeks, we may be able to meet before the end of May. Watch your email, our website, and your mailbox for any scheduling updates.

Thank you to all who voted on the proposed slate of 2020-2021 officers either by email or mailed ballot. We had an excellent response of 55% of our membership, so we can be confident that the election represents the typical number of PSOG members who would have voted in person. The names of those elected officers and their positions appear elsewhere in this newsletter. We appreciate the diligence of the Nominating Committee: Ellen Vinson, Chair, Trisha Woodburn, Marte Picker, and Lynne Tobin.

Even though two months have passed, the memory of a most unique Magnolias and White Linen luncheon linger on. Chair Sue-Sue Sherrill, co-chair Suzanne Pfeffele and their hard-working, creative committee did an outstanding job putting together this record-breaking annual fundraising event. Our guest, designer Hutton Wilkinson, was a delight as both a speaker and a guest. The Preview Party held in the lovely home of Todd Snyder was another record-breaking event. We were pleased to recognize Connie Crosby as M&WL Chair Emerita in recognition of her long-time contributions to the success of the Magnolias event. Proceeds from M&WL will be combined with proceeds from the Silent Auction and PSOG general fund to make up the Guild’s contribution to the Symphony. The amount of that combined total will be announced when the PSOG board of directors has reviewed and approved it. Our check will be presented to the PSO in mid-May.

As this year and my term as your president draw to a close, I want to acknowledge and thank the members of the PSOG board of directors for their commitment to the Guild and our mission. First Vice President Ann Mitchell has consistently surprised us and delighted us with unique, entertaining, and informative programs at our monthly luncheons. Second Vice President Romana Lopez has gone above and beyond her job description to not only schedule our meetings in comfortable, compatible venues, but to also add touches of elegance or whimsy with beautiful table decorations. Secretary Bonnie Bedics has worked hard to capture the essence of our (sometimes rambling) board discussions and decisions. Treasurer Charlotte Cheney has done a yeoman’s job of creating an accounting system for PSOG that ensures we can manage our income and expenses in a responsible, transparent manner. Assistant Treasurer Jo Jones once again made sure that Magnolias & White Linen’s accounting was carefully tracked and recorded.

We are grateful to the chairs of our two fundraising events for their hard work and dedication: Maria Nelson, Silent Auction and Sue-Sue Sherrill, Magnolias & White Linen. Trisha Woodburn added to the fundraising effort by faithfully and enthusiastically managing the sale of 50/50 tickets at the monthly luncheons and the special events.

Also serving on the board were Saralyn Englert, membership; Kat Davis, parliamentarian; Tom Roberts (website, digital communication), Sue Flanders (mailings), and Kat Villines (directory, newsletter, postcard reminders), Communications; Leslie Lucas, Marcia Schuffman, and Marte Picker, Guest Artist Hospitality; Nan DeStafney, Music in Education; Maude Sawyer, Sunshine; Ruth Stewart and Maude Sawyer, reservations; and Mary Ruth Dobie, Ellen Wolf, Marte Picker, Orchestra Hospitality. We are also grateful to Charlotte Cheney and Tom Roberts for getting us set up to handle credit card payments at our luncheons, special events and online. They also researched, recommended and began the tedious process of creating a membership record in new management software that will make it much easier for PSOG to track memberships going forward.

And so, with gratitude for your support and commitment to the Guild and our mission, I offer you my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to have served as your president. I look forward to continuing to be a part of the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Guild and the good work that we do to support our Symphony Orchestra and the wonderful gift of music they give to our community.

Have a happy, safe summer and I hope to see you soon!
Roz Leahy, President



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